Mission, Vision & Values

To deliver an unmatchable holiday experience to our guests!

At the Pearl Hotel Collection group, we are distinguished by a sincere passion for authentic Greek hospitality. Unwavering family traditions, combined with a personalized approach to guests and our innovative services, are the core values ​​that characterize the hospitality we provide.

These values ​​formed the basis on which our mission rests: to host travelers from all over the world in the unparalleled environment of our hotels and to exceed their every expectation by offering unforgettable vacations, full of comfort and excitement. Helping us in carrying out this mission is our dedicated staff, who are an integral part of the Pearl Hotel Collection family.

Always looking ahead, our vision is to remain a prestigious hotel group, constantly evolving and respecting the Corporate Social Responsibility policy we have established, the local culture and the environment.

Our ultimate goal is to create the ultimate hospitality experience for every guest, offering unsurpassed accommodation, good food and quality entertainment.

Experiences Beyond ordinary

Guests of Pearl Hotel Collection could benefit from our luxury facilities and amenities while our well-trained staff is committed to offer them a number of tailor-made services!